Saltonit este un material antiderapant pentru deszapezire si dezghetare rapida Saltonit - ecological product meant for snow thawing, ice prevention and melting.

Use Saltonit to melt ice and prevent ice from reappearing on surfaces such as:
Stair cases: granite, concrete, bricks, wooden surfaces treated for outdoors;
Sideways: concrete paving, natural stone;
Driveways, alleys: asphalt, asphalt mixtures, imprinted concrete;
Parking lots

It contains: Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride, Anhydride, anti-caking agents, Calcium hydroxide

Application: Spread on the exposed surface to frost / snow after removing the consistent layer of snow / ice.

Characteristics Saltonit:
It melts and prevents ice from appearing again, acting efficiently as nonslip material;
Antifreeze action lasts for approximately 72 hours;
It acts efficiently at low temperatures such as - 30° C.
It does not have a corrosive effect and therefore it does not deteriorate walkways, street curbs and other materials such as concrete, marble, paving tiles, ceramic tiles;
Exothermic attribute - it releases heat when it is applied;
It is environmentally friendly, it does not deteriorate shoes, it does not leave traces on carpet and / or wooden floors;
It is easy to apply due to plastic packaging in cans of 3 kg, with ergonomic handle and strainer for scattering, which makes it ideal for household purposes.