Saltonit este un material antiderapant pentru deszapezire si dezghetare rapida Use Saltonit to melt ice and prevent ice from appearing again on surfaces such as:
- Stair cases: granite, concrete, bricks, wooden surfaces treated for outdoors;
- Sideways: concrete paving, natural stone;
- Driveways, alleys: asphalt, asphalt mixtures, imprinted concrete;
- Parking lots

Preventive use
For maximum efficiency, use Saltonit before snow and ice can start to accumulate. It prevents formation of ice and snow buildup, and makes their removal much more easier, in case they accumulate somehow.

Choose wisely:
Choosing Saltonit will help you save time and money: it applies quickly, it has long term effect of up to 72 hours and reduces the number of freeze - thaw cycles due to its ability to release heat if exposed to moisture. When temperatures fall below -5° C, traditional salt loses all effectiveness, but the inovative formula based on calcium chloride works in extreme temperatures of up to -30° C, melting ice and preventing ice re-forming. Thus, painful and accidental falls caused by slipping are prevented.

Enjoy the benefits:
It does not affect the environment, having minimum impact on air, water, plants or animals.
It does not deteriorate shoes and it does not leave traces on carpets and wooden floors.